CV for

Jon Loman
Dept. Animal Ecology, Lund, Sweden

Positions and projects:

I have supervised two Ph.D. students (Thomas Madsen and Björn Lardner), one Masters (Fil lic.) student (Ralph Tramontano) and eight "D-kurs"/examination projects.
I have been the faculty opponent at the doctoral dissertation of Per Sjögren, Uppsala 1988 and the licentiate dissertation of Lena Berg, Uppsala 1997. I have been external examiner for the thesis of Steven Melvin, New Brunnswick, Canada 2012.
I have been evaluator for a position as "Forskarassistent" at Grimsö Game Biology Research station 1995.
I have been evaluator for a research grant application to "Natural Environment Research Council", U.K., 2001. I have been an "International Reader" for the Australian Research Council (2005-2006). I have been referee for the Austrian Science Fund 2011.
I have served as referee for articles submitted to Acta Zoologica Fennica; Acta Zoologica Sinica; Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment; Alytes; American Naturalist; Amphibia - Reptilia; Animal Behaviour; Ardeola; The Auk; Biological Journal of the Linnean Society; Behavioral Ecology; Biodiversity and Conservation; Comptes Rendu; Conservation Ecology; Diversity and Distribution; Ecology; Ethology; Evolutionary Ecology; Forest Ecology and Management; Heredity; Herpetologica; The Herpetological Journal; Holarctic Ecology/Ecography; Ibis; Journal of Applied Ecology; Journal of Animal Ecology; Journal of Herpetology; Journal of Zoology; Landscape Ecology; Oecologia, Oikos; Ornis Scandinavica; Oryx; Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences; Quarterly Review of Biology; Russisan Journal of Herpetology and Zoological Studies.
I have served one 3y term as "Subject matter editor" of Ecology (2004-2006).
I have been a member of the board of ISSCA (International Society for the Study and Conservation of Amphibians) 1994-2004. I have been president of ISSCA 2006-2011.
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