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The links below go to photos of terrestrial animals (mainly herps) in various areas. If you click on the pictures you will see a full screen version. These are 1200 pixels wide so you may have to scroll if your screen is set to a low resolution.

These pictures, and others, are also available commercially in various formats. For more information, see the web pages of Rana Konsult

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My garden, Spanish slug, Marten, Hornet
Dalby hage, Spanish slug (they are everywhere), Toad, Spring flowers, pond
Skåne, Grass snake, Adder, Tree frog, Edible frog, Green toad
Ex-Yugoslavia, Dalmatian algyroides, Dalmatian wall lizard, Nose horned viper, Green toad
Cameroon, Pangolin, Mountain chameleon, Ground python
Kora GR, Kenya, Elephant, Lion, Red spitting cobra, Fat tail scorpion, Rufous beaked snake, Speckled sand snake
Ordway Preserve, Gainesville, Florida, Western diamondback rattlesnake, White tail deer, Oak toad
Northern Territory, Australia, Salt-water crocodile, Giant frog, Green tree frog, Frilled lizard, Blue-tongued lizard, Death adder, Red kangaroo
Wet tropics, Australia, Water dragon, Lesueurs frog, Bandicoot.
New Zealand, Green and golden bell frog, Forests, Robin
California, Cacti.
Kenya, Senecio, Elephant, Zebras, Flamingos
South Africa, Rock Agama, Cape Girdle lizard, Nyala, White Rinoceros
ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, Flamingos, Green iguana, Striped anole
Ceylon, Magpie, Kangaroo lizard
Cambodia and Laos, Salt water crocodile, Red-eared frog, Butterflies
Thailand, Monocled cobra, Forest crested lizard,
Micronesia and Guam, Cane toad, Ermite crab
Jordan, Green toad, Rock agama, Levantine frog
Galapagos, Ecuador, Sally Lightfoot crab, Flamingo, Land and Marine iguanas
Amazonas, Ecuador and Brazil, Map treefrog, Hoatzin (bird), White-lined bat (?), Garden boa, Golden teju, Common lancehead, Spectacled caiman, Snail eating snake, Amazone kingfisher
Pantanal, Brazil, Black and white teju, Black vulture, Broad-snouted caiman,
Canary islands, Wood lice, Pine tree
New South Wales, Australia, Stinging tree, Redbellied black snake, Cockatoo
Maroc, Eyed lizard, Common toad, Atlas mountain viper, Tree frog
Florida, Manatee, Rat snake, Florida red-bellied turtle
Uganda, Zebra, Snake-mimicking moth,
Malysia and Singapore, Dragonfly, Rafflesia, Rock frog, Asian Common Toad
Okinawa, Habus, Holst's frog, Ishikawa's frog, Ryukyu water snake
Fernando de Noronha, Brasilien,
Costa Rica,
Singapore and Sumatra,

My garden in south Sweden
As you will see, enemies are everywhere!

Arion lusitanicaus, Spanish slug. Since around 2002, these introduced slugs eat most of the vegetable we try (tried) to grow.

Martes martes, Pine marten. A most unwanted quest in the hen's house. The picture does not show the 8 dead hens on the floor. The marten is contemplating the escape route that just was blocked with a sheet of plywood. However, that was no match for the marten.

Vespa crabro, Hornet. This one has just captured one of my bees and is about to remove legs, wings and head to make it more easy to bring home.

Dalby hage, national park
The smallest national park in Sweden is situated right by our house. It was formely pasture, with scattered oaks but is now a deciduous forest. In the last few years, storms and dutch elm decease has killed many of the largest trees.

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Arion lusitanicaus. More Spanish slugs expected.

Bufo bufo, Common toad male in April on the breeding migration. "Where are the girls?"

Gagea lutea, Yellow star-of-Bethlehem. Dalby hage is famous for its spring flowers.
Ranunculus ficaria, Lesser celandine.
Anemone nemorora, Wood anemone.
Anemone ranuncoloides, Yellow anemone.

This pond in the middle of Dalby hage forest is used for breeding Rana temporaria in spring. Most summers it dries before the tadpoles have had a chance to metamorphose.

Skåne, south Sweden
Skåne, where I live, is the southernmost province in Sweden. Here you find 12 out of 13 Swedish amphibians and all 6 reptiles.

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Corvus corax. Raven.

Natrix natrix. A female grass snake from Stenshuvud N.P in east Skåne.

Vipera berus. A male adder. He has just shed for the first time in spring. From Smygehuk, southernmost point of Sweden.

Hyla arborea. A young treefrog in autumn.

Rana esculenta. The edible frog population in Skåne interestingly is self supporting, not (as at many other places in Europe) the result of coninuous back crossing with the parent species, Rana lessonae and Rana ridibunda. This one is from Oxie, close to Malmö. The species has recently expanded its range markedly.

Bufo viridis. A male green toad calling at Eskilstorps ängar, south of Malmö.

Former Yugoslavia
This was, in 1971, my first herp trip abroad.

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Algyroides nigropunctatus. A Dalmatian algyroides, probably from present Croatia, close to Sibenik.

Podarcis melisellensis. And a Dalmatian wall lizard. From Tribunj, also present Croatia, close to the Mediterranean.

Vipera ammodytes. Nose-horned viper. From Drvar, present Bosnia.

Bufo viridis. A green toad from Vrsac in present Serbia.

This was my first herp trip outside Europe, in 1974. Bo Stille and Göran Jansson helped catching herps and taking pictures.

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Manis tricuspis, Tree pangolion. Koupoue, Cameroon Nov. 1974. Saved from a fate as bushmeat (note wound on nose), this animal made a charming pet for 10 days (before being released).

Chameleo montium, A Mountain chameleon that just learned he had an important manuscript rejected by "Nature".

(He later had it accepted by "Science" and got his colours back).

Calabaria reinhardti, Calabar ground python.

Kora GR, Kenya
I spent one month here in 1983 when I helped Thomas Madsen survey the herp fauna.

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Africa means adventure. Quiz: which is his last photo? Did the elephant, lion, red cobra or scorpion get him?
Naja pallida, Red spitting cobra. Androctonus sp ? Fattail scorpion.

Ramphiophis rostratus, Rufous beaked snake.

Psammophis punctulatus, Speckled sand snake.

Ordway preserve, Gainesville, Florida, USA
From a visit in 1989 as guest of Dick Fraz.

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Leslie Hay-Smith, Dick Franz, and Lora Smith (?) trying to locate a rat transmitter that is likely inside a Western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus)
Here it is!
Walter Timmermann and Dick Franz capturing the snake.
Indeed, he did have the transmitter originally put on a rat and, in addition, he had the first transmitter ever implanted into a rattlesnake by Walt. This transmitter was now dead but the snake received a third transmitter before being released!

Odocoileus virginianus, White tail deer in typical Ordway habitat.

Bufo quercinus, Oak toad in Ordway preserve..

Northern Territory, Australia
Pictures from 1990 and 1994 when I visited Thomas Madsen at world famous Fog Dam in Middlepoint.

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Crocodylus porosus. Salt-water crocodiles. To the left one of the famous jumping crocs in Adelaide river. To the right, Hannibal (probably not jumping any longer - too heavy), reputed to be 5.5 m long.

Cyclorana australis , Giant frog. Middlepoint, N.T. It was unfortunately kept in the same bag as two unidentified frogs....

Litoria caerulea, Green tree frog. Middlepoint, N.T.

Chlamydosaurus kingii, Frilled lizard. N.T. Tail held by Thomas Madsen.

Acanthophis praelongus, Northern death adder and Tiliqua scincoides , Eastern blue-tongued lizard. The lizard from Middlepoint, the snake from some 10km furhter east, found on the highway. Is the latter a mimic of the first?

Macfopus rufus, Red Kangaroo in the Territory zoo. You said hang-over?

Wet tropics, Australia
Pictures from 1994 and 2011

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Physignathus lesueuri. Water dragon. "Jungle village", Cape tribulation. This was surprised sleeping on a branch at night. Most cooperative photo subject!

Litoria lesueuri. Lake Eacham, Atherton tableland, Australia. Female left, male right.

Isoodon macrourus, Norhern brown bandicoot. Lake Eacham, Atherton tableland, Australia.

New Zealand

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Litoria aurea, Green and golden bell frog. One of many introduced species, this one from Australia. From Westport, South island.

Forest in Cascade creek, Fjordland, South island. Beautiful, I very much hope to return here sometimes.

Petroica australis, Robin (New Zealand version) at Cascade creek. At last a bird that wants its picture taken.
Note Notofagus leaves.

California, USA

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Cactus at sunset in Anza Borego N.P., south Californa.

Same place, just after sunset. This december evening was the coldest ever (?), minus 1 C.

From a trip with "Hoff travels", thanks Anders.

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Senecio sp. Mount Elgon, January 1995.

Loxodonta africanus, Elephant observing human communications. Masai Mara N.P. Dec. 1994.

Equus burchelli, Zebras. Masai Mara N.P. Dec. 1994.

Phoenicopterus sp alt spp, Flamingos, Lake Borogia, Kenya. January 1995.

South Africa

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Cordylus cordylus, Cape girdled lizard. Cape point.

Agama atra, Southern rock agama. Overlooking the Southern Ocean. Also at Cape point.

Tragelaphus angasi, Nyala. Hluhluwe N.P.

Ceratotherum simum, White Rhinoceros. From the safe side. Hluhluwe N.P.

ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, the latter two are part of the Ductch Antilles.
All pictures are from November 2000.

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Phoenicopterus sp, Flamingos. Close to Flamingo airport, Bonaire.

Iguana iguana, Green iguana in Christoffel national park, northern Curacao.

Anolis lineatus, Striped anole. Curacao.

Pictures from November 2001, before the 4th World Herpetology Congress in Bentota.

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Urocissa ornata, Cissa ornata, Sri Lanka magpie, Ceylon blue magpie. After all, my dissertation was about a Corvid. This is from Sinharaja N.R.

Otocryptis wiegmanni, Kangaroo lizard. Also from Sinharaja N.R.

Cambodia and Laos

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Rana erythreae, Red-eared frog. A juvenile, appr. 20 mm. Near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Crocodylus porosus, Salt water crocodile(s) at a croc farm in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The butterflies at Vang Vien, central Laos, were particularily cooperative.

I am sorry but I have no idea about their names.

All pictures are from December 2005/January 2006.

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?, Innocent looking black snake. A case for the macro lens and a close up of the head. Ao Nang, close to Krabi.

Ooops! Naja kaouthia, Monocled cobra. I expect some respect!.

Calotes emma, Forest crested lizard. Close to Ao Nang, December 2005.

Micronesia; Guam and Pohnpei
Island (Guam) of the Brown tree snake project and Björn Lardner. Björn showed me a good snake but I feared rain and was too afraid to bring the camera... So I still miss picture of this famous intruder.

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Bufo marinus, Cane toad. "When she talks, you listen". From southern Guam.

Lamprolepis smaragdina, Emerald skink. From "The Village" lodge on Pohnpei.

A hermit crab with a prized posession and home. His residence is on a small key close to the famous ruins of NAn Madol on eastern Pohnpei.

All pictures are from October/November 2007.

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Bufo viridis, Green toad. This is from the village Dana. I relized they must be common when I found two DORs in a very small village with little and slow traffic.

Laudakia stellio, Rock agama. Must be Jordan's most common lizard. This one at world famous Petra archeological site.

Rana bedriagae, Levantine frog. In running water, where the King's highway crosses Wadi al-Wala. My only Jordan picture where brown is NOT the dominating colour.

Galapagos islands, Ecuador
Also with "Hoff travels".

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Graspus graspus, Sally lightfoot crab. The group is from the port at Puerto Ayora.

Phoenicopterus ruber, Greater flamingo. From Floreana island.

Amblyrhynchus cristatus, Marine iguana. From Bartolomei island

Amblyrhynchus (Conolophus) subcristatus, Land iguana. From Santa Fe island.

It so happened I visited the Amazonas twice in 2008. In February I was in Ecuador after the trip to Galapagos and in August I was at the World Herpetology Congress in Manaus, Brazil. And then again in 2014 when I (as usually with my wife Bodil and also our son Torkel) stayed at Uacari lodge in Mamiraua N.R. close to Tefé in western Amazonas.

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Hyla geographica, Map treefrog. From the Cuyabeno river area in lowland Equador.

Opisthocomus hoazin, Hoatzin. Unlikely birds. All over. From the Cuyabeno river area in lowland Equador.

Saccopteryx sp., White-lined bat A group of appr 10 spent the day between plank buttresses in the forest. From the Cuyabeno river area in lowland Equador.

Corallus hortulanus, Tree boa, Garden boa. From the Cuyabeno river area in lowland Equador.

Tupinambis teguixin, Golden teju. From Novo Airao, on the Rio Negro about 80 km NE Manaus. Lizard spotted by Torkel Loman.

Bothrops atrox, Common lancehead. From the A. Ducke reserve in the immediate vicinity of Manaus.

Caiman crocodilus, Spectaclred caiman. From Mamiraua NR 2014.

Hyla geographica, Map tree frog. From Mamiraua NR 2014.

Dipsas sp, Snail-eating snake. From Mamiraua NR 2014.

Chloroceryle amazona Amazone kingfisher. From Mamiraua NR 2014.

Pantanal, SW Brazil.
If you are tired of looking in vain for aninmals, go here. I did, before the 2008 World Herpetology Congress in Brazil.

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Tupinambis merianae, Black and white teju. This massive guy (?) lives at Jaguar lodge in Pantanal.

Coragyps atratus, Black vulture. Jaguar lodge, Pantal. The tractor in the background is clearing the forest...

Caiman latirostris, Broad-snouted caiman. 3 out of ca. 1000 seen. What you do not hear is the sound made by the one stirring up the water. Here is definitely something interesting going on.

Tamandua tetradactyla, Tamandua or Lesser anteater. At Aranas lodge. Most cooperative.

Canary islands.

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Armadillidum vulgaris, Tenerife Lizard. Anaga peninsula, Tenerifa.

Gallotia galloti(?). Anaga peninsula, Tenerifa.

Juniperus canariensis. Southern tip of the island el Hiero.

New South Wales

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Dendrocnide sp., Stinging tree. To judge from the warnings, this must be Australia's most dangerous creature. Minna Murra Nature reserve, Wollongong.

Pseudechis porphyriacus, Redbellied black snake. Saddleback Mountain, Wollongong.

Cacatua galerita. Sulphur-crested cockatoo. The garden of Bea Ujvari and Thomas Madsen.

Pictures from the excursions during and after the 2nd Mediterranean herpetology congress in Marrakesh.
The pictured animals were usually found by other excursion participants.

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Lacerta lepida, Eyed lizard. Some would call the Maroc version Timon pater but if you want to be that specific I think Lacerta (Timon) lepida pater is a better name. This one is from the Atlas mountains.

Bufo bufo, Common toad. They grow gigantic here. Also Atlas mountains.

Vipera monticola, Atlas mountain viper. Also Atlas mountains.

Hyla meridionalis, Mediterranean Tree Frog. Close to Ouarzazat, by the Antiatlas mountains.

Back again in Florida after 22 years. This time at Crystal river to watch manatees.

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Elaphe obsoleta, Yellow rat snake.

Pseudemys concinna, Cooter. Rainbow river.

? Also Rainbow river.

Trichechus manatus. A young manatee at Homosassa springs. Guide from River Ventures, Crystal River.

All photos from January 2012.

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Equus burchelli, Burchell's zebra. Mburo N.P.

Snake-mimicking moth. Bwindi.

Cercopithecus mitis, Blue monkey. Bwindi.

Phacocheorus aethiopicus, Warthog. Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Loxodonta africana, African elephant. Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Crocodylus niloticus, Nile crocodile. Mburu N.P.

Malaysia, Cameroon highlands and one picture from Singapore
Photos from November 2012

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Neurothemis fluctuans. Red Grasshawk Dragonfly. Singapore Botanical garden.

Rafflesia arnoldii, Rafflesi. The largest flower on earth.
We were lucky to find several stages at the same site.
A bud. The worlds largest bud?
A flower past its prime.

Rana hosii Rock frog.

Bufo melanostictus Asian common toad.

Okinawa, subtropical Japan.
Photos from June 2013

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Amphiesma pryeri Ryukyu water snake.

Rana holsti Holst's frog.

Trimeresurus okinavensis Hime habu, Princess habu.

Trimeresurus tokarensis Tokara habu. Melanistic morph. Note heat sensitive receptors, white. At the Habu institute, Naha, Okinawa.

Rana ishikawaae Ishikawa's frog

Photos from January 2014

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Ardeola ralloides Common squacco heron?
From Akagera NP.

Kobus defassa Defassa water buck.
From Akagera NP.

Trimeresurus okinavensis Zebras.
From Akagera NP.

Tragelaphus scriptus Bushbuck.
From Akagera NP.

Loxodonta africana Elephant bull, who does not think we belong on his road.
From Akagera NP.

Rhampholeon boulengeri Boulenger's pygmy-chameleon (?).
Nyungwe NP

Hyperolius sp. (?)
Nyungwe NP

Hyperolius sp. (?) Or Afrixalus sp.(?)
Nyungwe NP

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.
Photos from October 2014

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Sula sula Red-footed booby

Euprepis atlanticus or Trachylepis atlantica Noronha skink.

Euprepis atlanticus or Trachylepis atlantica Noronha skink. This one probably licking nectar.

Costa Rica.
All photos from July 2015

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Some mushroom. Osa penisula.

Bothriechis schlegelii Eylash Pitviper. Osa penisula.

Anolis cupreus? Probably Dry Forest Anole. Osa penisula.

Not really animal photography but I have always been looking for the perfect wave photo. This is the best so far. Osa penisula.

Choloepus hoffmanni Two-toed Sloth. Monte Verde mountain forest.

Some Cicada. Monte Verde mountain forest.

Some hummingbirds. Poas

Agalychnis callidryas Red-eyed Treefrog. Las Virgen, Atlantic slope of central CR.

Singapore and Sumatra.
All photos from July 2015

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Ahaetulla prasina Oriental vine snake. Paris Ris NR, Singapore.

Polypedates leucomystax Oriental vine snake. Bukit Lawang, northern Sumatra.

Bufo juxtasper Giant river toad? If so, a juvenile, appr 40 mm. Bukit Lawang, northern Sumatra.

Naja sumatrana Sumatran cobra. Bukit Lawang, northern Sumatra.

Trimeresurus wagleri Wagler's pit viper. A juvenile. Bukit Lawang, northern Sumatra.

These are some of the more or less mad people I met. The photos are only a random sample of opportunities, I have always been more eager to take pictures of animals than people. Which I sometimes regret.

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Björn Lardner and a Brown tree snake on Guam.

Thomas Madsen with female adder (Vipera berus) at Smygehuk, famous study site in (very) south Sweden. Note painted back (of snake).

Same human, now radiotracking a water python Liasis fuscus at Fog dam, N.T. Australia.

Ken Dodd (in front) and Ray Ashton retrieving a Red hills salamander Phaeognathus hubrichtii with their patented method.

Ralph Tramontano preparing a drift fence in demanding weather.

Mariano Cuadrado, measuring a Chameleon Chamaeleo chamaeleon at his study site in San Fernando, Spain (in less demanding weather).

Tomas Håkansson searching some cliffs in the forests east of Lexington.

Simon and Ben Verboom photographing a young Bombina bombina in Skåne, Sweden.

Björn Lardner documents a fight between Neil Ford and an agressive Ryukyu water snake (Amphiesma pryeri).

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