Jon Loman's research:
Landscape ecology

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Publications, reports, and manuscripts

  1. 1991. The small mammal fauna in an agricultural landscape in southern Sweden. With special reference to the wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus. Mammalia 55:91-96.
  2. 1991. Birds in farmland - more species in small than in large habitat islands. Conservation Biology 5:176-188. With Torbjörn v. Schantz.
  3. 1991. Small mammal and raptor densities in habitat islands; Area effects in a south Swedish agricultural landscape. Landscape Ecology 5:183-189.
  4. 1991. Do wood mice Apodemus sylvaticus abandon fields during autumn? Ekologia Polska 39:221-228.
  5. 1992. Conservation biology in agricultural habitat islands. - In: Hansson, L. (ed). Nature conservation by ecological principles, a boreal perspective. Monographs in Conservation Biology. Elsevier. With Ola Jennersten, Jeremy Robertson, Anders Pape Möller, and Björn Widen.
  6. In press. Small habitat islands are inferior breeding habitats but are used by some Great tits - competition or ignorance? Bioldiv.
  7. Manus. Rodent seed predation in a fragmented landscape - effect of woodland area.

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