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The links below go to photos of marine life at the areas mentioned. If you CLICK ON THE PICTURES you will see a full screen version. These are 1200 pixels wide so you may have to scroll if your screen is set to a low resolution.

Living in Lund in south Sweden, the closest dive area with a reasonable diversity of marine live is Kullen, a huge rock (maximum altitude 200 m) that borders the sea. Apart from the rocky shore, the marine life benefits from a underwater current that brings (for the area) water with high salinity in contact with the outmost tip of the point. Even closer is Limhamn, just south of the city Malmö. Diving is certainly not spectacular here but a close look will reveal many nice creatures.

More species and many more nice dive sites are found on the Swedish west coast of Sweden, 300 - 450 km north of Lund.

I take any opportunity to dive when abroad. Click for pictures from Oman, South Africa, Malta, Dutch Antilles, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Galapagos, France, Norway, Australian Great barrier reef, Canary island or Azores.

Final resorts are of course the local ex quarries in Dalby and Billebjär close to my home.

These pictures are under copyright. The small pictures (400 pixels across) can be used freely for non-commersial purposes. The larger are not free. Click for more information!. More pictures can be found at the RanaFoto web site

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KULLEN, dive location in the north west of the province Skåne in southern Sweden.

Asterias rubens, the common seastar. This one is probably feeding on a common mussle (Mytilus edulis). A mussel is seen to the right and the shell of a previous victim(?) to the far right. This is a typical species and habitat at Kullen.
UW photo in cooperation with Jonatan Loman

Crossaster papposus, Common sunstar. Indeed, there are also more spectacular creatures found at Kullen, expecially at the "tip" where more salty water passes.
UW photo in cooperation with Jonatan Loman

LIMHAMN, dive location in the south west of the province Skåne in southern Sweden.

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Carcinus maenas, Shore crab. This is a very young individual.
UW photo in cooperation with Jonatan Loman

Perca fluviatilis, Perch. At Limhamn, south part of Öresund, salinity is low and some typical fresh water species are found.


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Urticina felina, Dahlia anemone. Gullmarsfjorden

Cyanea capillata, a common stinging jellyfish in this area. This one from Väderöarna.

Pachycerianthus multiplicatus, Fireworks anemone. This is not a "true" anenmone (Actinaria) but a tube-dwelling anemone (Cerianthara). From Gullmarsfjorden.


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Chaetodon melapterus. A pair of Arabian butterflyfish in Cemetary bay in eastern part of Muscat on the Oman north coast.
With dive guide from Blu Zone Water Sports, Muscat.

Probably Heteractis magnifica. Eagles retreat, close to Mirbat, 70 km east of Salalah on the Oman south coast.
With dive guide from Samharam Diving, Salalah.

Probably Priacanthus blochii, Peony bigeye. Also from Eagles retreat.
With dive guide from Samharam Diving, Salalah.

SOUTH AFRICA, Aliwal Shoal, off Umkomas
All UW photos in cooperation with Jonatan Loman
With dive guide from The Whalers Dive Center, Umkomaas

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Carcharias taurus. Ragged tooth shark at Raggie cave.

A large sponge, possibly Ircinia sp.

A pair of clown fishes, probably Amphiprion allardi.

MALTA in the Mediterranean sea
All UW photos in cooperation with Jonatan Loman
With dive guide from Frankie's Gozo Diving Centre

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Sea star (probably Ophidiaster ophidianus in channel from Inland sea, Gozo.

European fan worm Sabella spallanzanii.

All UV photos with dive guide from Dive Inn, Kralendijk, Bonaire

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Giant anemone Condylactis gigantea, Bonaire.

Holocentrus rufus Longspine squirrelfish, Bonaire.

Stove-pipe sponge, Aplysina archeri, Bonaire.

All UV photos with dive guide from Diving Friends, Hikkaduwa

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French Angelfish , Hikkaduwa.

Boxer shrimp, Stenopus sp, Hikkaduwa.

Fromia sp., Hikkaduwa

All UV photos with dive guide from One Ocean, Zanzibar dive cntre, Mnemba.

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Sea cucumber Bohadaschia sp., .

Tunicate, sea squirt, Didemnum sp, Kleine Bonaire.

IRELAND, Fahamore on the Dingle peninsula

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Velvet swimming crab, Necora puber
UW photo in cooperation with Jonatan Loman

JORDAN, Aqaba at the Red sea
All UV photos with dive guide from Dive Aqaba

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Star puffer, Giant pufferfish, Arothron stellatus

Pseudanthias squamipinnis , Jewel fairy basslet

Unidentfied anemone

All UV photos with dive guide from Albatros tours

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Sea lion, or Galapagos sea lion if you want to be subspecific, Zalophus californianus wollebacki. From the island Floreana.

When swimming with divers, these animals have full control of the situation!

Panamic cushion sea star, Pentaceraster cumingi. Very common at this site by the island Floreana.

Guineafowl puffer, Arothron meleagris. From Gordon Rock.

FRANCE, Hendaye at the innermost corner of the Bay of Biscay
All UV photos with dive guide from Planet Ocean

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Purple sea urchin, Sphaerechinus granularis

Snakelock anemone, Anemonia sulcata

CANARY ISLANDS, East coast of Tenerif
All UV photos with dive guide from Atlantik

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Club-tipped anemone, Telmatactis cricoides
Note arrows crabs Stenorhynchus lanceolatus (top left) and cleaner shrimp (right)

Bearded fireworm, Hermodice carunculata

Northern Norway, Narvik harbour
From dive boat Galten ("The Boar")

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Queen scallop, Aequipecten opercularis
These are plentiful, jetting around when disturbed

Sea peach, Halocynthia pyriformis

A nudibranch; Coryphella verrucosa

Australian Great barrier reef, Heron Island

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Yellowtail fusilier, Caesio cuning

Longbeaked coralfish, Chelmon rostratus

Sweetlip emperor, Trumpet emperor, Lethrinus miniatus

AZORES. Island Corvo.
All UV photos with dive guide from Mare Occidental, Flores.

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Madeira rockfish, Scorpaena maderensis.

Female Turkish wrasse, Ornate wrasse. Thalassoma pavo.
Must be one of the most beautiful of all fishes.

Male Turkish wrasse or Ornate wrasse. Thalassoma pavo.

DALBY, south Swedish inland

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Signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus, an introduced species.
UW photo in cooperation with Jonatan Loman

Common toad, Bufo bufo, a male looking for females in the breeding pond (Billebjär abandoned quarry).

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