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Below are links to systematic lists of animals. Most names on the lists is a clickable link that will lead you to a low resolution (400 pixels wide) picture of that animal. On high resolution screens, both lists and picture pages look best in "portrait format". You may want to adjust the shape of your browser's window.

The pictures are available (in different resolutions and file formats), subject to different conditions depending on the purpose. Click for more information on conditions and prices.

The pictures usually have horizontal resolution of 400 pixels. This is low but makes for quick access. However, some of the pictures are also found in an e-gallery on my personal web pages. Click "Hobbies"; "Animal photography" or "SCUBA diving". Click the small picture to see a larger version at a resolution of 1200 pixels horizontally. They give an impression of the quality you can expect at higher resolutions.

I am not a taxonomist and the animals are usually identified using various local faunas. There are probably (certainly) misidentifications and I take no responsability for the correctness of the identifications. Anyone using the pictures must self verify, based on appearance and locality information, the identity of the animal. CORRECTIONS ARE WELCOME (but I may take a conservative stand when implementing them). Various people have helped with the identifications. They are listed here. Of course they are not responsible for my naming and are thus not listed in connection with any single pictures.

In some cases I have listed alternative generic or specific names. This is done to facilitate searching. This could probably be done in even more cases. Personally I am a lumper and think many of the new genera proposed lately add more confusion than information. Use subgenera (Smith & Chiszar 2006, Herp. Conserv. Biol. 1:6-8)! Also, many new "species" are not species under my species concept. However, I am not able to gather the information to make verdict in all cases here and when my photographic hat is on I take a neutral stand and only want to make my pictures available to those interested. However, if I have a preference, this is usually the first alternative listed.

Most pictures taken before 2007 are scanned from slides, mostly Kodachrome. Lately I have begun using a digital camera for terrestrial pictures, since 2009 also for under water pictures. For more information, click here.

Most photos are by Jon Loman. A few, indicated on the respective web page, are by Bodil Enoksson or Jonatan Loman.

There are three lists:
Amphibians and reptiles
Marine life
Swedish marine life (a subset of the former, with Swedish names)
Other animals and plants - Not yet available

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