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Jon Loman
Dept. Animal Ecology, Lund, Sweden

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Born 1949 in Eskilstuna, but grew up in Stockholm. Moved to Lund in southern Sweden in 1955 where I have stayed since. Zoologist. Two children, born 1982 and 1992. Click for a more complete CV

Research interests

Population dynamics of frogs
Social ecology of reptiles
Crow ecology
Small mammals, birds, seeds and habitat islands
Theoretical ecology


Repairing cars and house
Maybe not a hobby, but it takes a good part of my time
Animal photography (Link to animal photos)
Combined with travel, if opportunities arise.
SCUBA diving. (Link to UW photos).
My oldest son brought me into this
Steam engines (Link to photo gallery)
I used to spend some time watching and photographing them but there are not many around any more
Stamp collecting
Especially: Sweden before 1960, animals, and trains.
With my youngest son, I am a member of SSSS/Bara bönder. You can click here for sample games - lost and won.
I like to watch football on TV. I used to play in the late team of the Ecology Department ("Darwins drängar").
Bee keeping
I am the owner of eleven (I hope) bee colonies. Contact me for purchase of honey.
A hobby shared with the dog. Apart from pleasing her, the main attracion hunting is barbecued wild boar.

This is the web site of Jon Loman. It was previously my web site at Lund University. University web sites are now streamlined and as long as I am associated to the Biology department such a web site in my name will (soon?) be found under the department home page. I have transferred my old website (this one) to a commercial web hotel (with my company, Rana Konsult). Maintaining this site will be a priority and I hope it will be linked from the University web site. To Top of page.
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