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When steam engines still did every day service in Europe, one of may interests was to travel and photograph them. Below are some pictures that other enthusiasts might enjoy. You still do me a favour if you show me a large engine under steam.

This page contains Swedish steam engines. They are all taken as they head excursion train (one in Denmark). Below you find a small picture with accompanying text. If you click on the picture, you see it alone, full screen. The pictures are optimized for 800*600 pixels. If your screen is set to a lower resolution, you may have to scroll to see everything.

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Wheel arrangment, length and weight in service refer to engine and tender combined. Tender type may vary within class. I give data for the engine on the picture.

Swedish steam
Below you will find pictures of Swedish steam engine classes F, B, E, E2, S and J.

DSB (Denmark) litt. E 978. 2'C1'-4. Eleven of these engines were originally built in 1914 to 1916 for the Swedish state as class F. They were sold to Denmark in 1937 as a rsult of Swedish main line electrification. In Denmark more were built. This picture is taken on an excursion January 17th 1971, approaching Copenhagen from south.

DSB E 978. Same excursion and place.

DSB E 978. Same excursion, a little closer to Copenhagen.

B 1281. 2'C-3. 17.7 m. 102.9 t. The B class was built 1909 to 1944, altogether 99 engines. B 1281 was built 1916. This picture is taken in 1969 in Malmbäck, as the engine was hading an excursion train on May 12th.

B 1281. Same excursion. The driver is checking the engine at Halmstad where the engine was later turned on the turn table for the return to Nässjö.

E 902. D-3. 16.65 m. 83.6 t. The E class was built 1997 to 1920, altogether 130 engines. E 902 was built 1907. This picture is taken in 1969 in Malmö, where it was still regularily under steam as a spare engine at that time.

E 902 heading an excursion train in 1968. This picture is overlooking the yard of Staffanstorp. The excursion was in memory of the 75th anniversary of the Malmö - Simrishamn railroad. It has since been closed.

E 902 on the same excursion. This picture is taken just before arriving in Dalby,from the west. In the background you can see "Dalby hage", a forest reserve that borders my home.

E2 1194. 1'D-3. 17.65 m. 91.0 t. These were E-engines from 1907 to 1920 that were rebuilt in 1935 to 1951. E2 1194 was originally built in 1914. This picture is from an excursion March 31st 1972; Malmö - Ystad- Tomelilla - Eslöv - Malmö. The picture is taken at Klasaröd in a typical south Skåne setting.

E2 1194 on the same excursion, here east of Börringe.

S 1277. 1'C1'-3. The S (=Sa) class were first built in 1908. In May 1987, S 1277 is heading an excursion train that "celebrates" the closure of the Staffanstorp - Dalby line, after that only Malmö - Staffanstorp remains (for occasional freight) of the Malmö - Simrishamn line.

S 1277 with the complete train of older cars.

J 1393. 11.9 m. 62.0 t. The J class was built 1914 to 1918 with a total number of 46. J 1393 was built 1918. Here at Malmö, preparing for an excursion on Februray 28, 1970.

J 1393 heading the excursion train that was run on the occasion of closing the Malmö - Falsterbo line. This was the last Swedish passenger line to be serviced by steam engines. In last years, J 1393 ususally being used for this.

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