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European steam engines

On this page you find pictures of steam engines from various European countries. Most (all?) are of engines in ordinary service, pictured in the years 1968 to 1971. Below you find a small picture with accompanying text. If you click on the picture, you see it alone, full screen. The pictures are optimized for 800*600 pixels. If your screen is set to a lower resolution, you may have to scroll to see everything.

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Wheel arrangement, refers to engine and tender combined. If only one weight is given this is weight in service for engine alone. Length refers to total length with tender. Tender type may vary within class. I give (hopefully) data for the engine on the picture.

European steam
Below you will find pictures of steam engine from these countries:

Former Checkoslovakia (CSD)
Former East Germany (DR)
Former West Geramany (DBB)
Former Yugoslavia (JZ)
Hungary (MAV)
France (SNCF)
Finland (VR)
Austria (™BB)

Czeckoslovakia, CSD.

434. 1'D-3. 72 tonnes. Praha-Smichov station, April 2, 1970.

475 159. 2'D1'-2'2' h2. 103 tonnes The picture is taken in Ceske Budejovice, April 1, 1970.

464 067. 2'D2'T h2. 113 tonnes. Praha-Sokolovska station, March 25 1970.

Former West Germany, DB.

23 010. 1'C-2'2' h2. 84 tonnes. 22.9 m. The picture is taken outside Kaiserslautern, January 1 1969.

41 271. 1'D1'-2'2' h2. 102 tonnes. 23.9 m. Outside Rotenburg (between Hamburg and Bremen), August 17, 1968.

94 980. Ex Preussian T16. ET h2. 85 tonnes. 12.7 m. Hamburg-Rothenburgsort, January 3, 1969.

Former East Germany, DR.

38. Ex Preussian P8. 2'C-2'2' h2. 52 tonnes. 18.6 m (app. I am not sure about tender type of engine on picture). The picture is taken in Gotha. January 11 1969.

44 114. 1'E-2'2'. 1'E h3. 110 tonnes. 22.6 m. Outside Gotha, January 11, 1969.

52 983-4. 1'E-2'2'. About 89 tonnes. 23.1 m. Picture taken in Hamburg (West Germany!), Rothenburgsort, January 2, 1969.

Former Yogoslavia, JZ.

29 11. 1'E. This engine was originally built for Austria (Litt. 81 01). The picture is taken in Celje (present Slovenia) in March 28, 1970.

62 19. CT. Originally a US Transportation corps engine. Also from Celje (?), March 28, 1970.

A UNRRA engine. Picture taken in Drvar, June 16, 1971.

Hungaria, MAV.

275 30. The picture is taken in Mezöfür in June 9, 1971 (and saved from destruction when I managed to rewind the film before the railway police ordered me to open the camera!).

France, SNCF.

141 573. 1'D1'- . The picture is taken in Bening, January 8, 1969.

Finland, VR.

Tr1 1035. 1'D1'-2'2'. 95+62 tonnes. 22.2 m. Built 1942. The picture is taken outside Pieksämäki in April 2, 1969.

Driver in Tr1 1094. The picture is taken between Kouvola and Taaretti on April 1, 1969.

Vr1 792. CT. 45 tonnes. 9.4 m. Built 1927. The picture is taken in Lahti in March 31, 1969.

Tk3 1107. 1'D-3. 52+26 tonnes. 16 m. Built 1943. Note the firewood! The picture is taken in Johensuu, April 2, 1969.

Vr3 752. ET. 78 tonnes. 12.8 m. Built 1924. Engine is shunting in Pieksämäki in April 1, 1969.

Austria, ÖBB.

52 3507. 1'E-2'2'. The picture is taken in Graz on March 29, 1970.

342 2529. The picture is taken in Wien Stadlau in March 31, 1970.

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